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Indian Overseas Bank takes to skip tracing, recovers Rs 75 cr fromdefaulters

Indian Overseas Bank, Indian Overseas Bank skip tracing, skip tracing news, what is skip tracing, all about skip tracing Credit information companies have tools that match all the records and data available with them to a particular customer to provide an updated information on a person. Bankers take their help to find out the latest information about a person whose account has become a non-performing account. Interestingly, banks in general are also believed to employ the services of software professionals to locate people who disappear without any trace as a credit information company has to work within the limits of regulations but a software professional working independently does not have any bounds. A cyber expert that FE spoke to revealed there are various ways by which a person can be located through their emails. “Software professionals sometimes send emails with links to a NPA customer who needs to be found. If the targetted person clicks on the links, the IP address of that person gets logged and we can know where exactly that email was opened,” said the expert. There also are many websites that offer read notification services. These are not just notifications on whether the sent email has been read or not. With a little bit of script modification, these websites could track where exactly the email was read. Through paid services, they provide details like date, time, approximate geographic locations, IP address, the time the email was read, etc.

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